MOROBELL Morobell Ltd is founded in 1997 for industrial fishing on the Baltic Sea

Catch Morobell knows where the fish is

Trawling on the Baltic Sea

Freeze Morobell knows how to handle fish

Morobell cools fish down straight on the sea, freezes it on the shore and keeps it frozen all the way

  • Morobell produces its own ice, in order to cover the fresh take with it. Fish in special cooling containers will be immediately covered by ice.
  • Cooling containers, full of fish, will be loaded into freezer trucks, to be transported into the storage.
  • Cooled down fish will be frozen in moulds at -35 until -40°C in rapid freezing chambers.
  • Ordinary temperature in our storage never rises over -18°C

Convey Morobell knows how to deliver fish

MOROBELL is conveying fish in the frozen state. Neither in the storage nor by transport the temperature of fish does never rise above required ‒18°C.

Products Morobell knows what kind of fish it is

Baltic Sprat (Sprattus sprattus balticus)
How to distinguish them?

The herring has smooth gill covers, but the sprat has pointed keel scales that feel prickly when a finger is run along the belly.
Baltic Herring (Clupea harengus membras)


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